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[100922] Fantasy Star Couple Challenge Cup [Chuseok Special]

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SBS’s ‘Fantasy Star Couple Challenge Cup’ will air, where idol members pair up as couples to compete in various challenges. 2AM’s Jokwon will be showing a new image as he couples with, not the ‘wife’ B.E.G’s Ga In, but T-Ara’s maknae, Jiyeon. In addition, 2PM’s Junho and Nichkhun pair up with Miss Korea, Kim Juri, while BEAST’s Kikwang and 2AM’s Changmin & Jinwoon reveal their hidden muscles. SHINee’s Jong Hyun & Minho, SECRET, After School’s Kahi, and f(x) are also participating in the show.

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  1. thank yooooooooooou so much!!

  2. ThankYouSoMuch!:)
    Happy Chuseok Holiday!:D

  3. whoa so many chuseok special videos *LOVELOVELOVLEOVELOVE* :D thank you! oh poor jo kwon.. not able to play with his wifey xD but uhhh jiyeon............................................................................

  4. this what i'm looking for thank you

  5. i can load it but i cant watch it :((
    can someone help me

  6. i can't download it :(


  7. Is this the one where Jung Ah dances the salsa?

  8. is this in eng sub


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