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[110821] SBS Inkigayo [Full Show + Cuts]

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# Take 7 #

- Sistar [So Cool]
- Miss A [Goodbye Baby]
- Infinite [Be Mine]
- T-ara [Roly Poly]
- 2NE1 [Ugly]
- Super Junior [Mr. Simple]

# Special Summer Dance Festival #

- Miss A & ZE:A
- Infinite & Teen Top
- HyunA & Sistar
- Super Junior & T-ara

# Hot Music #

- NS Yoonji [Wanna See You Again]
- Brave Girls [Why So Often]
- Maya [흔들려요]
- Teen Top [No More Perfume On You]
- Dal Shabet [Bling Bling]
- CHI CHI [Longer]
- Rumble Fish [Love You Love You]
- CS Numbers [가슴으로 운다]
- HyunA [Just Follow]

# Fresh Music #

- XCross [Crazy]
- Nine Muses [Figaro]

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~ HD cuts ~

more will be add when
they`ll be available

MC cuts - IU | Jiyeon | Sulli
Infinite - torrent
Teen Top - torrent
miss A - performance - torrent
miss A - Special Stage - torrent
f(x) Victoria - Special Stage - torrent
Super Junior - performance | win
Super Junior - Special Stage - torrent
2NE1 - torrent
Chi Chi - torrent
Sistar - torrent
T-ara - performance - torrent
T-ara - Special Stage - torrent
Dal Shabet - torrent
Hyuna - torrent

* Please be patient! HD cuts require a lot of time to upload.

* Some HD cuts are hard to get, so we would like to apologize beforehand if we are not able to find that file for u.

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  1. mc cut please. thanks a lot ^^

  2. thank you for 2ne1 cut! ^_^

  3. thanks so much

  4. Thank you for sharing!! ^^

  5. infinite special stage..? <: thanks!

  6. Keep posting Inki. Thanks for your hard work!!!

  7. thank you very much

  8. Thnx!!! Guau Guau!!!

  9. Thanks for MT and don't quit posting it :((

  10. thanks again for sharing!! is it possible to get nine muses cut

  11. infinite's special stage please! thank you~ ♥

  12. Thank you very much! :) And please don't stop posting this show, we appreciate your uploads so much!

  13. plzzz, upload Infinite Special stage :(


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