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[110912] Top Star Couple - Chuseok Special

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guests: Jaekyung & Lee Juno, Gu Jun Yeob & Eunjung, Lee Teuk & Ye Ji Won, Kwanghee & Han Ji Woo, Moon Hee Jun & Suzy, Jinwoon & Soyeon, Joon Park & Kim Ji Hye, Lee Changmin & Hyorin, Lee Joon & Kim Chung, Park Eun Kyung & Kim Hwan, Heo Kyung Hwan & G.NA, Lee Jae Yoon & Victoria, Kim Kyung Jin & Kim Na Young

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  1. the torrent doesn't work for me. :( the 360p one. :((

  2. thank for share, can anyone eng sub please?

  3. Thank You so much.


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