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      2007 MKMF
      2008 Golden Disk Award
      2008 SBS Gayo Festival
      2009 Blue Dragon Film Awards 
      2009 Daejong Film Film Award 
      2009 Incheon Korean Wave Music Festival
      2009 MBC Chuseok Special: Female Idol Group Survivor Sweet Girl
      2009 MBC Chuseok Special: Star Dance Battle
      2009 MBC Drama Awards
      2009 MBC Entertainment Awards
      2009 Melon Music Awards
      2009 MTV Music Award
      2009 KBS Chuseok Special: Shall We Dance
      2009 KBS Chuseok Special: Star Dream Montage
      2009 KBS Entertainment Awards
      2009 SBS Chuseok Special: Idol Big Show
      2009 SBS Drama Awards
      2009 SBS Entertainment Awards
      2009 Seoul Drama Awards Festival
      2009 Style Icon Awards 

      2010 MBC Chuseok Special: Idol Star Trot Face Off
      2010 MBC G20 Korea Concert
      2010 MBC Nanum Concert
      2010 G20 Special: Road for Hope Concer
      2010 MBC Incheon Establishment Concert
      2010 KBS Chuseok Special: Star Family Best Mom
      2010 KBS Chuseok Special: Global Family
      2010 SBS Chuseok Special: Fantasy Star Couple Challenge Up
      2010 SBS Chuseok Special: Foreign Daughter-in-law Battle
      2010 The Asia Pacific Supermodel Contest
      2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Concert
      2010 Viva Rock Festival

      2011 Asia Pop Music Concert 
      2011 Changwon's 1st Anniversary Hope Concert - We Are
      2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships Concert
      2011 DMZ Oh! Peace Concert
      2011 D-100 Concert for Jeju Island (cuts only)
      2011 Dream High Concert
      2011 Hong Kong Asia Music Festival
      2011 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival
      2011 Invincible Baseball - Field of Dreams Concert
      2011 KBS Gayo
      2011 KBS Drama Award
      2011 KBS Entertainment Award
      2011 KBS Trot Festival
      2011 Kpop All Star Live in Niigata
      2011 Kpop Music Festival in Sydney
      2011 K-Pop World Festival
      2011 MBC Chuseok Special: Idol Star Athletics Championship
      2011 MBC Gayo 
      2011 MBC Drama Award 
      2011 MBC Entertainment Award 
      2011 Mnet Asia Music Awards
      2011 SBS Gayo
      2011 SBS Drama Award 
      2011 SBS Entertainment Award
      2011 SBS Chuseok Special: Battle of IdolsThe King of Magic  
      2011 SBS Chuseok Special: Hallyu Olympic
      2011 SBS Chuseok Special: Top Star Couple
      2011 Seoul Tokyo Music Festival
      2011 Sokcho Music Festival
      2011 Yeosu Expo 2012 Concert

      2012 Best Song Festival
      2012 Fuji Next KISS Festival
      2012 The 6th Musical Awards
      2012 Dream Concert
      2012 Korean Music Wave Google
      2012 Korea - Vietnam Festival 
      2012 Korean Music Wave in Bangkok
      2012 Showcase I AM - SM Town
      2012 Korea - China friendship Concert
      2012 KBS 33th Labor Concert Festival
      2012 - 48th Baeksang Art Awards
      2012 - Mnet 20s Choice 
      2012 - Special Concert for Vertran
      2012 - World Music Festival in Okinawa
      2012 - Suncheon Bay International Expo
      2012  - Idol Star Olympic 
      2012 - Olympic Game Fighting Korea
      2012 - Olympic We Are The Champion
      2012 - London Olympic Welcome back Concert
      2012 DMZ Peace Concert
      2012 Kpop super Concert in Yeosu
      2012 Busan Sea Festival
      2012 - SM TOWN in LA  
      2012 Green Concert 
      2012 Great Battle Hansan Festival 
      2012 Korea China Festival 
      2012 Daegu Athletic Champion Concert
      2012 - 39th Korea  Broadcast Award
      2012  Seoul Drama Award 
      2012 Koica Dream Concert
      2012 Asian Song Festival
      2012.08.05 Mnet Super Concert 
      2012 Music wave in kobe 
      2012 KNN Hope concert 
      2012.11.01 Nongshim Sharing Love concret 
      2012 Kpop collection Oninawa 
      2012 College Music Festival
      2012 Kpop festival in Changwon
      2012 Kpop Anyang Memorial Concert
      121005 PSY Special Concert
      121007 PSY Gangnam Style Seoul Concert
      2012 Busan Comcert Summer
      2012 MAMA
      2012 Popular Culture Art Award
      2012 Daaejong Film Festival
      121223K-POP Super Concert In America 
      121202 MBC Korean Music Wave In Kobe
      1211303 Blue Dragon Award
      2012 CHUSEOK SPECIAL all show
      2012 Melon Award
      2012 SBS Drama Award
      2012 SBS Entertainment Award
      2012 SBS Gayo Daejun
      2012 KBS Drama Award
      2012 KBS Entertainment Award
      2012 KBS Gayo Daejun
      2012 MBC Drama Award
      2012 MBC Entertainment Award
      2012 MBC Gayo Daejun

      2013 New Year Special Show
      130213 KBS Joy 2nd Gaon Chart K-POP Awards 2013
      2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship
      130131 Seoul Soul Music Award 2013 
      130131 The 22nd Seoul Music Awards 
      2013 JTBC The 27th Golden Disk Awards


      * For official DVD request, plz dont forget to give me released date of the DVD. because i dont post DVD within 3 months after release date (to support the artists).

      2NE1 1st Japan Tour NOLZA in Japan [TBS ver.]
      2PM - 1st Concert in Seoul [DVD Rip] 

      Big Bang 2008 Global Warning + Making DVD
      Big Bang 2008 Stand Up in Japan
      Big bang 2008 The Great Concert [Engsub] 
      Big Bang 2009 Live tour Big Show (YG Edit)
      Big Bang - Electric Love Tour 2010
      Big Bang - ELECTRIC LOVE TOUR [TBS ver.]
      Big Bang - First Live Concert: The Real
      Big Bang - Love and Hope Tour 2011 
      Big Bang - Big Show 2011

      Beast - 1st Showcase Concert in Japan 
      Beast - 2nd World Tour

      BoA - IDENTITY Live Tour (WOWOW Version)
      Boa - Love and Honesty 2004 live tour
      Boa - Made in Twenty - Arena Tour 2007
      Boa - The Face 2008 Tour
      Boa 2009 The Live X'Mas 
      Boa 2011 the Live Xmas 
      Boa 2012 Come Back Show

      Click B - 2003 3rd Live tour

      DBSK 2nd Tour Concert "O"
      DBSK 2008 - 3rd Tour "T"
      DBSK - 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 TSC Final in TOKYO DOME
      DBSK - 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 TSC Final in TOKYO DOME 2
      DBSK - 2012 Live tour concert TONE in Tokyo Dome

      FT Island - 1st Live Concert
      Ft Island - 2nd Live Concert : Rock Prince 
      Ft Island - 3rd Live Concert : Men's Story

      G-Dragon - Shine a Light Concert [TBS]

      Girls' Generation 1st Asia Tour - Into the New World
      Girls` Generation Arena Tour 2011 at Yoyogi
      Girls Generation's 2011 MBC Christmas Fairy Tail 
      130101 Romantic Fantasy

      Lee Seung Gil - first live KiBou

      Infinite - 1st Concert Second Invasion 

      Kara  - 1st Japan Tour Karasia

      JYJ - Thanksgiving Live in Dome
      JYJ - 3hree Voices II 

      JYP Nation 2012 Concert

      PSY Concert 2011- Chuseok Special
      PSY Concert 2012 - MBC Special

      Rain - 2009 Fashion Show 
      Rain - 2009 Legend of rainism in Japan
      Rain`s Last Concert "Last of Best"

      Se7en - 2007 Concert 7rhythm Are u Ready (TV Asahi)
      Se7en - 2007 Concert 7rhythm Are u Ready (DVD)
      Se7en - MTV 747 Concert live

      Seo Taiji - The Great 2008 Seo Taiji Symphony With Tolga Kashif & Royal Philharmonic

      SHINee - The 1st Concert "SHINee World" In Tokyo
      Shinee - The 1st japan Arena Tour

      Shinhwa 2006 Japan Tour Inspiration #1 in Tokyo 

      SS501 - 1st Concert in Osaka
      SS501 - 1st Concert Step Up 

      Super Junior - 1st Concert Supershow 1
      Super Junior - Super Show 2
      Super Junior K.R.Y. - Special Concert in Japan

      SM Town - 2012 World Tour in LA 
      SM Town - 2012 World Tour in Tokyo

      Taeyang 1st Concert "Hot"

      T- ara - 2012 Japan Tour - Jewelry 

      YG Family Concert 2010 [TBS]
      YG 2012 Concert in Japan 



      49 Days
      A Gentleman's Dignity
      A Wife's Credentials
      An Angel's Choice
      Arang and the Magistrate
      Athena: Goddess of War
      Baby Face Beauty
      Bachelor's Vegetable Store 
      Birdie Buddy
      Bolder By the Day
      Bridal Mask
      Brilliant Legacy
      Can love Become Money
      Can You Hear My Heart 
      Can't Live Without YouI'll Give You The Stars and The Moon
      Cinderella Sister
      City Hunter 
      Color of Woman
      Dear You 
      Deep Rooted Tree
      Dream High 
      Dream High Season 2 
      Fashion King
      Feast of the Gods
      Fermentation Family 
      Five Fingers
      Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
      Foolish Mom
      Glass Prison
      God's Quiz Season 3  
      Golden Time
      Goodbye Dear Wife
      Haeundae Lovers
      Happy Ending
      Heading to the Ground 
      High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged 
      History of the Salaryman
      I Do, I Do
      I Love Lee Tae Ri 
      I Need A Fairy  
      I Need Romance 
      I need Romance S2
      If Tomorrow Comes
      Immortal  Classic
      Jungle Fish 2
      Killer K 
      King 2 Hearts
      King Gwanggaeto the Great
      Korean Peninsula
      Late Blossom
      Lie To Me 
      Light and Shadows
      Live in Style
      Love Again
      Love Rain
      Ma Boy
      Mary Stay Out All Night
      Me too, flower 
      Miss Ripley 
      My girlfriend is a nine-tail fox
      My One And Only
      My Princess 
      My Shining Girl
      Nice Guy
      Ohlala Couple
      Ojakgyo Brother 
      Operation Proposal
      Ordinary Love 
      Padam Padam ... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats
      Panda and the Hedgehog 
      Paradise Ranch
      Personal Taste
      Playful Kiss
      Protect The Boss 
      Queen In-hyun's Man
      Queen Insoo 
      Rock Rock Rock
      Romance Town 
      Rooftop Prince
      Royale Family
      Salamander Guru and the Gang
      Scent of a Woman 
      Secret Garden 
      Shut Up Flower Boy Band 
      Spy Myung Wol
      Stroke of Luck
      Sunao Ni Narenakute
      Sungkyunkwan Scandal
      Suspicious Family
      Take Care of Us, Captain
      The 3rd Hospital
      The Chaser
      The Equator Man
      The F ugitive: Plan B
      The Greatest Love 
      The Marriage Plot
      The Moon that Embraces the Sun
      The Princess Man
      The Strongest Kpop Survival
      The Thousandth Man
      Time Slip Dr. Jin
      To the Beautiful You
      Twelve Men in a Year
      Vampire Prosecutor 2
      Warrior Baek Dong Soo
      Welcome Rain to My Life
      What's Up 
      Wild Romance
      Yellow Boots
      You Are Beautiful
      You 've Fallen For Me
      You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly/ My Husband got a family 
      Shut Up Family 
      Still You  
      I Like You   
      What is Mom 
      King of Dramas  
      Can We Get Married 
      Special Drama  
      Over the Mountains 
      Tasty Life 
      May Queen  
      My Daughter Seo Young 
      Cheongdamdong Alice
      I Miss You     
      Jeon Woo Chi  
      The Great Seer 
      Play Guide 
      My Flower Boy Neighbor 
      I love You
      School 2013
      Missing you


      A Pink's News S2

      1 Night 2 Days Season 1
      2PM Wild Bunny
      Beast 's Idol Maid 
      Beast on QTV
      Kpop Cover Dance Festival  
      Kpop Star 
      Family outing
      Fantasy Duo
      Invincible Saturday
      Infinity Girl S3
      Kara's Urakara 
      Music and Lyric S1 
      Saturday Korea Night Live S2 
      Star and City - Suzy In New Zealand
      SNSD's Hello Baby
      SNSD's Horror movie factory
      SNSD's Right Now i's Girls Generation 
      SNSD and Dangerous Boys 
      Survival: I am a Singer S1
      Star Golden Bell 
      Hello Baby Mblaq  
      Super Junior's MBC Special - Kpop Legend  
      Boyfriends W Academy  
      Dancing With The Star 2   
      A Pink News S3   
      You and I  
      God of Victory  
      Cats and Dogs  
      Launch My Life  
      Black Box  
      Show Me The Money   
      Mnet: Boom The K-POP 
      Live On  
      MBLAQ Idol Manager  
      B1A4 Hello Baby  
      4 Minute's Travel Maker   
      Opera Star
      Survival King  
      Music Island  
      Eat City  
      Top Band S2  
      B1A4 - Sesame Player S3  
      Exploration of Genders 
      Kpop Star Captivating the World  
      Saturday Talk Battle 
      Korea's Next Top Model 
      Star of Asia  
      Saturday Talk Battle  
      10 Min Box 
      Music Comic Show 
      XY Talk  
      Invincible youth  S2 
      The Romantic  
      MTV Making of The Star - DSP Boys  
      E News  
      The God of Music  
      Strong Heart  
      Star Life Theater  
      KBS In Stage  
      Lord of The Ring 
      I'm Real  
      Win Win  
      Lee So Ra's Second Proposal 
      Global Super Idol  
      Hello Venus's Im Your Venus  
      Kangta's Pasta e Basta  
      Ranking King  
      Jungle Love  
      Music & Lyric S2  
      Go show  
      Super Star K  
      Shinee Some Wonderful Day 
      Ulzzang Generation 
      Talk club Actor
      The Phone
      The romantic and Idol
      Shin Dong Yup And The Ladies Who Determine Ranking
      Discovery Of Trends 
      Kpop Hero


      Updating ....


      1. is it alright if you could start uploading sponge zero? :D

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      10. i will upload 1N2D, Deep Rooted Tree, superstar K3,My One And Only (당신뿐이야 )[is this the right name?i search the korean name and it says My one and only, not " Just you" as u said. For sponge Show, i will just upload torrent. is that ok? For SM town, i will post it soon. i uploaded the files just need time to post it.
        about the thumnail for the shows, i think we dont need it.

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      17. Can u upload drama " Me too, flower", it's so good !!!

      18. @shasha shi:No Movie here, plz
        Kpop Cover Dance Festival - i will try to find this and decide will post it or not. wait for me
        added Me too, flower to schedule

      19. Hi.

        Can you upload [111203] KBS2 Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook - SNSD.
        It's ok if you upload only this episode because I just want the SNSD one. lol

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      20. ok. im gonna post up Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook

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      26. i have SNSD Star Life Theater. will post later when i have time

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      34. all my love has 210 Eps. so i dont think i will post it. and it coppleted so should find it somewhere else with sub.
        FNS Festival is JP show, and i rarely post JP here, (they delete blog pretty soon). maybe i will post gasoo's perf.
        SM Town live in tokyo and NY are big files and there're many cuts, so wait till i have time to manage the post.

      35. Snsd Horror movie factory pls~
        I really want the show *3*

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      37. uploaded it already. updated the list. check the completed show section, plz

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      39. This comment has been removed by the author.

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      48. ok. will update Ojakgyo brothers and MU for Sponge

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        If you have, would you mind to upload it? Thank You :D

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      53. i upload SNSD and dangerous boy. maybe u cant find the post. (use search box on the right side) . i will update the list later for u

      54. "can u please upload color of women ?" isnt it Scent of woman? i already posted it on list.

      55. will Upload Mnet Boom the kpop on 22/12 for u. just found it out

      56. Can you Upload 'Secret Story' for me T^T
        I cant fond this show ㅠ_ㅠ

      57. the drama is called The Color of Woman
        [ 컬러 오브 우먼 ] and it currently still airing. It first aired on Dec 5.

      58. please, girls generation tour 2011 in singapore, and sm town live in new york, i can't see anymore in google

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        Can you upload MBC One Night Lululala? I've been googling like forever but cant find it.

        Thank you in advance :)

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      69. HOT BROTHERS

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      72. @deasy: girl generation tour 2011 is not released yet, how can i post it for u. i posted GG japan arena tour tbs version. u can check it. i will post dvd version months later. it's official dvd so i dont post it right after it just release 9to support the artists).
        when was Super show 3 released?

      73. Hello~
        Paradise In Phuket pls without subs *3*
        You are sooo jjang!
        Thanks for everything~
        Sorry I don't well english ;D

      74. could you upload 2NE1 Nolza Concert 2011(DVD) and Big Bang Big Show 2011 (DVD)? thank you so much..

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      78. @lalablackjack: "please upload Inkigayo, 1N2D, We Got Married, and Survival Kpop Star" --> i already pst them weekly, plz check the list before asking. .. What's Up too.
        "could you please kindly upload 111231 SBS MTV 가요대전 레드카펫 i can only find cuts of certain artists but i really want the whole file. thanks." --> plz give me english name, i don understand korean.
        For DVD, plz give me the release date of dvd u want because i dont upload dvd within 3 months after it was released

      79. Kim-chan : The Super Junior Super Show 3 dvd was released on Jan 22 2011. :)

      80. for super show 3: plz visit this
        isnt the release date : 2011-12-21

      81. ah sorry it's 11231 MTV's SBS Gayo Daejun Red Carpet

      82. Hello!
        You can upload Happy Shares Company Yoona VS Seungri?
        Pls i really want the show *3*

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      85. No Taiwanese drama series and Korean movies. I'm so sorry

      86. annyeonghaseyo!!!!

        I would like to request for 2AM's

        2am: First Tour - Saint O'Clock Movie
        released date was Nov 08, 2011

        thank you very much in advance.

      87. 2am: First Tour - Saint O'Clock Movie
        released date was Nov 08, 2011
        -- Just 2 months after it was released so we should wait a little morr

      88. ah, okey. sorry, I was so excited that I forgot that it was only released last Nov. and we have to wait for 3 months before you upload it here.

        again, sorry. will be waiting patiently. again, thank you very much!!!

      89. could you update:
        released date : 2011, February
        released date : 2011, June

        Thank you very much..:D

      90. [111231] SBS-MTV 2011 Gayo Gaejun Red Carpet Report please and thank you :D

      91. [MBN] Bolder by the Day

      92. Idol Star Athletics Championships please!

      93. Hi!
        can you get torrent links "샐러리맨 초한지" ?? its a SBS drama.
        thank you very much!! i really appreciate your work in this site! :D

      94. ur request drama is : "History of the Salaryman 샐러리맨 초한지" , right? it's aired on MONDAY/TUESDAY. i will upload this drama

      95. Hello :)
        can you upload the "welcome to B2ST airline"?
        It's B2ST's concert
        Thank you very much xD
        this is the information about it:
        - Subtitle: Hangul, English, Chinese (Traditional)
        - Release date: January 2012

        Japanese version:
        - Subtitle : Japanese subtitle
        - Release Date : December 28, 2011

      96. @fangel: no i cant upload it. plz read my blog carefully before request. i arealdy state that i wont upload any dvd within 3 months after release date.
        for those dvd that release more than 3 months ago, i need time to find it out and upload it again u guys. so i hope u guy could understand and dont force me to upload anything because i already try y best.

      97. can you upload boyfriend w academy please ?

      98. Can u plz upload Big Bang -- LOVE & HOPE TOUR 2011 Release Date: 2011.09.28 and 2ne1 Nolza DVD korean version 2011.12.21? Thank You

      99. Hello ^_^ ~ As you told me, I'm here to post my upload request ^_^
        If you have time then upload Epik High's 'Fan' performance @ 2007 Golden Disk Awards and Tablo's 'Home' performance (ft. Lee Sora) @ Lee Sora's 2nd Proposal, all in HD please ~
        Thanks you ^^

      100. please upload boyfriend's w academy, release date 2012.01.13

      101. @Kim-chan: oh i'm sorry :) thank you xD~

      102. can you upload the Yeo Yoo Man Man episode that aired on Jan 16, 2012? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

      103. please, upload FT Island and Big Bang all concert when you can, and the BEAST airline concert too (when you can), and the boyfriend's w academy.
        Thanks :)

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      105. can u upload dl link for Welcome To BEAST Airline DVD’12.01.14? Thank You

      106. MBC Lunar New Year Special MBC Idol Alkkagi Idol Championship. Thank you!

      107. Please upload CNBlue DVDs. example: Listen to the CN Blue 1st Live Concert 2010 at Ax-Korea (2011.06.22); CN Blue 2nd Album Release Live 392 @ Yokohama Arena (2011.12.28 when you can); ect. :)

      108. please upload shinee world concert dvd torrent please..
        pweaasee :D
        i'd really thankful if you granted these ^^
        i love this blog ////^^////

      109. Can you guys upload "Brain(브레인)"?

        You can Download "Deep Rooted Tree (뿌리깊은 나무)" from here...

      110. Hi I'm looking for the Entertainment relay ( 연예가 중계 ) ep 1291 [ i'm guessing the episode # ] which aired on september 19, 2009. I just found the episode but it was only uploaded onto megaupload and i cant seem to find it anywhere else.
        I will patiently wait until it is posted :D thank you!

      111. Hi..can you upload the new korean drama.. "glowing she"..the one with kim hyung jun..thanks=)

      112. Hi can you please upload the newest idol swimming and athletics championship :) and also high kick 3

        thanks :D

      113. can you upload .ts torrent file for shinee 1st concert tokyo on mf or pls and ty~!

      114. can you upload these Thank You for all the hard work

        Lee Jang Hee, That is You 이장희, 그건너

        Lee Jang Hee Special - Who Am I 이장희 스페셜 나는 누구인가

      115. KBS broadcast from the end of February.
        KBS시트콤 “선녀가 필요해“since Mr. Heo youngsaeng appears, I would like to see the drama, but can I ask for your help here?

      116. please,can you reupload the torrent avi. version of SHINee 1s concert, fileserve is not working... thank you.

      117. Hey could you upload the drama 샐러리맨 초한지? (In English - Salaryman) its right now airing in Korea on KBS every wednesdays, thursdays and its already Ep8. Thanks :D

      118. i will update the list soon, i'm currently sharing more than i posted on listed

      119. oops my mistake lol "History of the Salaryman 샐러리맨 초한지" , is the correct drama. thank you very much :)

      120. Can you upload "Exciting Cub TV"?
        Thanks in advance! :D

      121. Hello, can you please upload Project Runway Korea, Season 4? Thank yo so much!

      122. Hi, thanks for the great work.

        Any chance you can upload SBS program "Couple" or "짝" ("애정촌")? The program airs on Wednesdays at 11:15pm.

        Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

        Best regards!

      123. do you have infinity challenge ep 141
        torrent link is ok for me

      124. can u please upload drama princess man..i really wanna watch it :)

      125. Do you have SHINee's Nanjing Concert?? I've been looking everywhere for it and can't find it! Only clips on YouTube. :(

      126. can you upload ojakgyo brother 450p thanks if possible ddl

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        thank you so much!

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        I really want to have this show ;;
        Thanks you for your hard work

      129. Please, upload Feast of the Gods dorama, in HANrel

      130. can you please upload or post the torrent link for this jang keun suk shows:
        *budapest diary 2011
        *japan tour Where is your star ? 2010
        *[14.1.2012] Jang-Geun-Suk- FujiTV DOCUMENTARY
        *YMP Fan Meeting @Kyosera Dome
        Thank you in advance for your time and hard work .

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      133. Sorry but I'm having some problems downloading the MF file/004 for 1night2days ep374.
        It would be best if you could re-upload the file.
        So sorry for the trouble and thanks a million.

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      135. Hello! Thank you very much for all the hard work!

        I don't think it's possible for you to upload this since it's probably already ended, but I was wondering if you had any idea of where I could find "e-channel's star betting game show best couple" - there's hardly any footage of it on the internet, less alone subbed episodes, and there's little information about it as well. I would very much appreciate any help.
        Thank you again! :)

      136. hello

        is there a possibility that you can upload the 2 latest Boom the Kpop? that is 120221 and 120228? it's the one with super junior :) thax!!

      137. Thank you for everything. ^^ I would like to re-quest re-upload of please? OR any Pia performance.. It is very hard to find Pia videos!

      138. Can I ask for the torrent of MBC music 그 여자 작사 그 남자 ? Music and lyrics in English.. Please...

      139. Can I ask for the drama Love Rain which is going to coming out soon?

      140. hi there thank you for all your work...could you please upload the new music show SBS You & I that lee hyori is a mc of?

      141. @ssvip.: i already posted that show:

      142. Hi! Can you please please pleeeease upload "Get it beauty" starred by Eugene from S.E.S?
        I want that show soooooooo badly!
        And I really appreciate your hard work for uploading so many shows and dramas here already :D! Than kyou!

      143. Hey there, can I ask for the k-drama entitled FASHION KING & RAIN LOVE? Fashion King is now released up to ep.2 tomorrow night. And Rain Love will be release on next week right after Dream High 2 ended.
        Please. And thankyou for you hard work. Really appreciate it! :)

      144. Super Show 3 please! :) Thank you!

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      147. The King 2 Heart Drama, please list it
        currently airing on MBC- WED/THURSday

      148. thanks for uploading Infinity challenge torrent links. Just hope the old eps will still have enough seeders to download ^^

      149. i hope if u can upload

        feast of god 2012 :)

        720p on wupload and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

      150. Hi, Can i request a torrent for Big Bang's Love and Hope Tour (2011)? Thanks ever so much :)

      151. PLZ upload on MF

        we can't download most of the files
        and some torrents not working !!!

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      154. can i request 2012 yg family concert in japan, thank you so much

      155. Can you please upload Lee Seung Gi - Hope Concert in Seoul 2010?

      156. Thank you so much for uploading Se7en's concerts, which are no longer available.

        Can you please reupload his 747 concert as the link leads to a dead-end?
        Can you also please upload, if possible, the following live concerts from him? I would really appreciate it.
        1. 2006 Se7en Concert in Seoul AX Live excerpts DVD (from 24/SE7EN Repackage Album :[Release Date: July 15, 2006])
        2. SE7EN Concert 2006 “FIRST SE7EN” [Release Date: August 1, 2006]

        Thsnk you very very much!

      157. YG family 2012 concert and Taeyang solar concert. tq

      158. Kim_chan do u mind to upload 2012 YG Fam concert in Japan TBS ver?? ;;) i already found the link of the video, but i can't download it T__T thanks in advance ;)


      159. Do you have Shinwha 10th Anniversary Concert live in Seoul??
        Could you upload it please??

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        Thank you so much for all your hard work! <3

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      163. Please share with us Making of a Star NU'EST Landing Operation T.T . Please i´ll appreaciatte your work ^^
        Thank you so much

      164. Could you share Making of a Star NU'EST , please?
        In mediafire please!! Thank you so much ^^

      165. hello everyone... who has a 720p HD avi copy or athena:goddess of war?

      166. Update Music Show Champion -- 120417 EXO-K cuts .tp/ts pleaseeee... Thank you ;D

      167. Can you please help me to find to torrent for a new show called super couple diary?

      168. do you have SM Town concert in new york?
        please share if you do
        thanks :)

      169. Hi!!!! Please share with us 'Making of a star: Nu'est Landing operation'. Thank you so much ^^

      170. Dear Kim-chan could you share 'Making of a star: Nu'est Landing operation', please? I'll be so happy if you do it.
        Thank you so much for your kindness ^^

      171. really happy that you are come back!!!

        can admin upload korean variety show Heroes .. please !! i have waiting long time to watch the show. hope u can upload it .

      172. im really having a hard time looking for a TVN Rollercoaster upload. can't even see a single video with eng subs. i found raw vids but the torrent seems inactive. if you could, please do. it's a really really fun show.

      173. can you please upload Meteor Garden 1? thanks or do you know where i can find it besides torrent?

      174. Hi there. I just wanted to know if you have the full episodes of Strong Heart?

        I tried clicking on "Ep 1 - Ep 101", but it brings me back to the same page. So, I then try to search Strong Heart one by one, but I still can't find them full episodes.

        If you could provide me with the link to the first episode, it would be much appreciate.


      175. Actually, I found a way to get the full episodes of Strong Heart; however, most of them are Megaupload links. I was wondering if you will be uploading the episodes to a different website? Or if not (since there's a lot to upload and will be troublesome), do you know where else I can download the full episodes?

        I've been searching on the net for a long time now.. :( I generally need episodes 21 and above.. :(

        Any help is much appreciated.

      176. Kim chan,,please upload Super Show 3,,,it is already past 3month...

      177. Can you upload 120504 MTV the show please :D
        Thank you very much :D

      178. can you update torrent 'right now ' show.. this airing at channel A everty monday...??

      179. please upload GO Show...

      180. can you please upload tvN drama Queen In Hyun's Man airing every wednesday & thursday ? thank you ~

      181. can u please upload family outing season 1 ep 15 and 16? i've been searching everywhere. much thanks!!

      182. can u please upload the old series which were megaupload links as mediafire links
        thx :)

      183. JJANG (")b
        I'm from Indonesia and I LOVE KOREA
        Thanks to SHINHWA, I'm a BIG FAN of them since 2000
        hope u didn't mind to upload Shinhwa: must go on 10th anniversary live in seoul (DVD)
        do u have it? GAMSAHAMNIDA :x

      184. Hi, can you please upload "Survival: I am a singer" (Season 2)? This program is back on air. Thank you so much!!!

      185. Can you upload shinhwa broadcast? Thanks!

      186. shinhwa broadcast

      187. Can you reupload All About Shinhwa, please? -^^-

      188. I know you're overloaded, but I was wondering if you had "Music Core" eps from 2008. Honestly I would want everything from when T.O.P, Sunye, and Sohee first started as MCs in 2007, until the end of 2008 when Seungri and Daesung were the MCs. I just wish someone would create a site that, at the very least, would have all the music show eps from 2007-present, but would at most include all the music award shows, Gayos, and idol based variety shows from 2007-present as well. Shows from 2007-2008 are so hard to find and with megaupload going down now 2009-2010 is hard to as well.

      189. This comment has been removed by the author.

      190. hello,can i request boyfriend w academy from episode 1-8 with eng subs?i hope you i can download them using torrent download.sorry if my request had make it hard for you...anyway,thanks.

      191. Can you upload new drama I Love Lee Tae Ri? Please^^

      192. really happy that you are come back!!!

        can admin upload korean variety show Heroes .. please !! i have waiting long time to watch the show. hope u can upload it .

      193. can you upload Go Show please!

      194. it's not actually a show but rather a pageant... can you please please please re-upload the 2010 miss korea pageant [100725]..

        megaupload is already down and the torrent is dead... i really wanted to watch this one. thanks a lot in advance kpopweb :)

      195. Hi,
        can you update the 720p torrent for lee sora's second proposal (E.55 120529)

      196. Can you please upload "I Love Lee Tae Ri"

      197. Can you please upload Hello General Public Talk Show Super Junior date 110912? Thanks a lot

      198. I'm sorry to like put another show on you, but do you mind uploading Weekly Idol as well? I've found some on naver, but I would like to know the guest idols as well and have torrents that work 99% of the time :> thank you for your hard work, seriously

      199. could you please re-upload 110213 Flower Bouquet E29 (in 720p if possible)? I've only turned up either MU links or dead torrents when I searched for it.. thank you! ^^


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