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[Variety] Grandpas Over Flower [Updated Ep. 14] END

We DO NOT post english subbed videos or softsubs for our videos. Only RAW files. If you want to take the links out to post elsewhere, please copy the whole adf links, not only original dl links. Thank so much for you support!


Ep.1: XviD-WITH450p-WITH720p-WITH720p-AAA 

Ep. 2: 450p-WITH720p-WITH720p-iPOPXViD-iPOPXviD-WITH  

Ep. 3: 720p-Unknown450p-WITH720p-WITHXviD-WITH  
Direct/Mirror Links:  WITH |

Ep. 4: 450p-WITH720p-WITHXViD-iPOP 

Ep. 9: 450p-WITH720p-WITHXViD-WITH720p-FullX264-EUNBiT

Ep. 10: 720p-WITH720p-AAAXViD

Ep. 11: 720p-WITHXviD-WITH720p-iPOPXViD-iPOP720p-WanY

Ep. 12: 576p-Full720p-WITHXviD-WITH

Ep. 13: 540p-toy720p-WITHXviD-WITH

Ep. 14: 720p-WITHXviD-WITH


  1. please reupload ep 12 keep getting This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  2. is there any eng sub ?? pleas


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